Automatic line

When powder coating volumes exceeding 100 m / h, appropriate use of automated lines.

Automatic powder coating line consists of several elements:

– Installation of chemical surface preparation;
– Oven-drying surface products and the polymerization of powder paint;
– Camera powder paint coating;
– Automatic napylyuvachi powder paint;
– Automatic control system.
Automatic line, compared with manual powder coating areas have much greater productivity, fewer workers are serviced and have less power consumption, which reduces the cost of powder coating products.

Also one of the advantages of automatic line coloring is more uniform coating thickness.

The main advantages of automated lines:

High performance;
Increasing the quality of coverage by eliminating the human factor;
Saving powder paint due to fine-tune the minimum permissible thickness of the coating (paint no overspending);
Reducing waste paint through paint transfer coefficient increased;
Saving chemicals through automated surface preparation with the function of recycling and regeneration solutions;
Saving energy by reducing heat loss during loading and unloading of goods;
Automation process control system at all stages of painting (timely alarm about abnormal modes and accidents);
Saving salary (in the painting requires fewer employees);
The minimum space requirements.
In the process of painting products move along the processing chain using automatic conveyor.

Automatic lines