Nordson – napylyuvachi, manipulators, dosing system powder paint

Nordson – independent innovative company that constantly strives to produce such products, which have long enjoyed not only customers, but also employees and business partners. We also make constant improvement of the quality of our products. Thus Nordson aware of its responsibility to the people for the preservation of the environment.

Nordson Corporation was founded in 1954 in Ohio, USA. The predecessor corporations were American enterprise “Automatic Co.”, which in 1909 carried out the mass production of screw components for the automotive industry. In 1935 the company was reorganized into a corporation under the direction of Walter Nord and refocused on the production of precision parts and equipment. In the 50 years the corporation has patented a method of “hot airless” application of paint and other materials spray.
In the mid-60s Nordson is a pioneer in technology and equipment Powder paint recovery systems using powder-based paint filtropatroniv. In those same 60 years from the said method “hot airless” spraying equipment has been developed for applying thermoplastic adhesives, more known as fusions adhesives, adhesive cardboard boxes.

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